World War II

This series of articles telling the story of World War II was written to highlight, not only the story from the viewpoint of one of the last generation growing up during the war, but also to highlight the recognition of the part prayer played during the times of greatest danger in that conflict.

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DELIVERANCE – The Story of World War II – 1-4
Chapter 1: The rise of Hitler; the outbreak of war; Churchill; the surrender of France; Dunkirk; the Battle of Britain; the Blitz.
Chapter 2: Roosevelt; Lend-Lease; Meeting of Roosevelt and Churchill; Pearl Harbor; Hitler attacks Russia.
Chapter 3: Midway to Morocco: including Japanese conquests; fall of Singapore; battle of Midway; battle of the Atlantic; North Africa
Chapter 4: Calls to prayer; Sicily; Italy; Mussolini; Monte Cassino; death of Mussolini.

DELIVERANCE – The Story of World War II – 5-8
Chapter 5: D-Day: Build up; Invasion; Normandy; Omaha; Commanders; “The Longest Day”; Stats, casualties.
Chapter 6: 1944 – Normandy to Paris; Breakout; Mulberry harbors; enter De Gaulle; Patton; V1 & V2 bombs/rockets; Westminster and Guards Chapels; Assassination plot and its aftermath; Liberation of Paris.
Chapter 7: Oradour: Dragoon (invasion of Southern France);  Liberation of Belgium and Channel ports; Netherlands (Anne Frank and Corrie ten Boom); “Market Garden” (A Bridge too Far); Battle of the Bulge; Malmedy.
Chapter 8: Russia – battles and victories; Two cities – Leningrad and Warsaw; Western Front – Metz; Aachen; Remagen Bridge; Rhine – Patton’s task force, Monty, Churchill.

DELIVERANCE – The Story of World War II – 9-12
Chapter 9: Depth of Evil Revealed: Progress across Europe from east and west reveals Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camps; Auschwitz, Dachau, Belsen.
Chapter 10: A Bunker in Berlin: Last days of Hitler.
Chapter 11: Surrender; VE Day (Victory in Europe Day).
Chapter 12: The War in the Pacific: Doolittle Raid; Guadacanal; Mariana Islands – Saipan, Tinian; Burma; Philippines; Iwo Jima; Guam.

DELIVERANCE – The Story of World War II – 13-14
Chapter 13 – Part 1: Okinawa; Hacksaw Ridge; Tokyo conflagration. Part 2: Preparation for invasion; Japan’s defenses; Nuclear bomb development and tests; Hiroshima; Nagasaki
Chapter 14: MacArthur’s Arrival; Meeting with Hirohito; Surrender signing on U.S.S. Missouri; MacArthur – “The savior of Japan”; VJ Day (Victory over Japan).