The articles which appear on this page were originally printed and circulated in booklet form. We are making them freely available on this page for visitors to our website.

Justification by Faith
This article is a study of the doctrine of Justification by Faith – the central tenet of our Christian faith.

Chosen by Grace
This article is a study of the doctrine of Election – what is the basis in Scripture, and what are some of the arguments used against it. It is considered under four headings: 1. Does the Bible teach sovereign grace? 2. Why do we find it difficult to accept? 3. How may we understand this truth better? 4. What difference does it make?

Dealing with Doubt
This article looks at the reasons why people might doubt their faith, and gives answers based on the Lord Jesus’ answer to John the Baptist when John questioned if Jesus really was the One  whom John had believed Him to be. It is an explanation and application of Matthew, chapter 11, verses 2-6, and is very relevant in the strange days in which we are living today.

The Virgin Birth – relevant in the 21st century?
This article examines the neglected doctrine of the Virgin Birth and its relevance in the 21st century under three main heads: What is the evidence for it? What is its significance? What is its relevance to each of us?

Trustworthy and True
This article examines the trustworthiness of the Bible under eight testimonies as follows:
The testimony of Reason
The testimony of the Bible itself
The testimony of the Spade (archaeology)
The testimony of Prophecy
The testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ
The testimony of the Message of the Bible
The testimony of the Power of the Bible
The testimony of the Holy Spirit

Hymns and Spiritual Songs
Some of our favourite hymns and spiritual songs – most recorded at Lansdowne Baptist Church in the early 1980s – except where otherwise indicated. They are listed in alphabetical order.

This page contains a description of the book “When the Road is Rough and Steep” together with details of how it may be obtained. Also listed are other booklets and publications.