Sermon Series

We have upgraded the site by providing a single link to listen to or download the individual sermons. Click on the link “Audio” at the end of the sermon title. The downloads are free of charge.

Sermon Titles – by Series
This page is designed to help the visitor find the location of particular sermons on specific subjects. It lists the sermon titles in each series with a corresponding link to that series.

Each series can also be accessed from the links below


Genesis 1-12: Book of Origins

The Life of Abraham

The Life of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

The Life of Samuel

The Life of David

The Life of Elijah

The Life of Elisha


Jesus Prays – How Precious – John 17

The Parables of Jesus

The Teaching of Jesus

People who met Jesus


1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians

1 Peter chapters 1 & 2

1 Peter chapters 3, 4 & 5


Bible Studies – What we Believe about…

Short Series

Special Occasions

When the Road is Rough and Steep

Leadership and the Ministry of Women

One Book at a Time