Trials and trouble

              Perplexity and pain                                                                   05134_FC_04

                                 Depression and doubt

Are you facing any or all of these?

The messages contained in this book will remind you that many of the great heroes of the Bible faced the very same problems that today’s believers are called to endure. See how God comforted them, strengthened them, and brought them through. He will do the same for you.

During his many years of ministry the author has found that sermons on hardships have been among the most appreciated. He has, therefore, written this book for those who may be finding life to be a “rough and steep” road.

I believe many are confused or discouraged because of difficulties and suffering that they or friends are experiencing. This powerful book by Harry Kilbride is going to be a huge help to such people which include me. Let’s not only read this book but get copies into the hands of others. George Verwer (Operation Mobilisation)

… read this book. It contains solid biblical exposition, reformed teaching at its finest and practical application that will both stimulate your mind and edify your heart. Dr. R.T. Kendall (Former Minister of Westminster Chapel, London, England)

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Extract from the booklet: “Chosen by Grace”

…b)   Two truths held in balance

It seems to me, from carefully reading my Bible, that Scripture reveals two parallel lines of truth, God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. We must not deny either of these important truths. Neither must we water down either of them.  God is sovereign and rules over all, accomplishing all things after the counsel of his will. Yet man is a free moral agent. He is not an automaton. He is not an animal. He is not a predetermined complex biological machine. He has this power of choice, and responsibility for the choices he makes. God will hold him accountable.

So we have God’s will and man’s will. Each is as true as the other. Some Scriptures stress Divine sovereignty and some human responsibility. Some verses even have both truths in the same verse. For example, in Acts 2 verse 23 the enemies of Jesus are held accountable for the wickedness they perpetrated in crucifying the Lord of Glory, YET they unwittingly thereby accomplished the glorious fore-ordained purposes of God in saving the world through the death of His Son. Man wills to go his own way but God will not be denied and has determined to save an elect people and bring them to Himself. He continually accomplishes that gracious purpose. We have a mystery here probably beyond our understanding.


  1. Two Legs

Keeping these two truths in balance is like walking on two legs. If we try to walk on only one leg we overbalance. Should we try to somehow merge our two legs into one leg we would create a monstrosity and still go nowhere. God meant us to be bipeds.

It seems to me that some have become very unbalanced regarding Biblical truth because they have stressed only the one and ignored or even denied the other. Others have butchered both to try to blend them. The result is again a monstrosity. They rob each of its true power.

2. Two Lines

Or, think of it as if you are standing on a railway track. There are two lines, each quite distinct and separate, but as you look toward the horizon you see they meet in infinity. There they become one. Where you are standing, however, they are two.

We have a very limited perspective. There will always be things beyond our comprehension and understanding. The doctrine that God is One but Three Persons in One God, a Tri-unity, is beyond my understanding. I expect it is beyond yours. I believe it because I find it infallibly and unmistakably in the Bible. I also learn that the Lord Jesus Christ is both fully human and yet fully Divine, two natures in one Person. I cannot comprehend that but I believe it because it is clearly revealed.

Similarly, God’s sovereign choice in salvation and man’s responsibility in rejecting it are both clearly taught again and again and again. How these truths relate to one another or how both can be true at the same time I do not know.

I believe (and preach) them both.

3.  Two Birds

Let me give you an illustration of the limitations of understanding…