Sermon Titles – by Series

This page describes the series of sermons that are available on the Sermon Series page. To access the sermons click on the title of the series. The descriptions are arranged as they appear in the Bible under the headings: Old Testament – Genesis, chapters 1-12, The Life of Abraham; The Life of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph; The Life of Samuel; The Life of David the King; The Life of Elijah; The Life of Elisha. New Testament – The Ministry and Teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ; Epistles – 1&2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, and 1 Peter; and General Subjects – When the Road is Rough and Steep; Foundations of the Faith; Short Series; Special Occasions; The Bible, Leadership, and the Ministry of Women.

At the bottom of this page can be found the list of titles in the new series – What we Believe About… This series examines in depth the fundamental teachings of our faith on The Bible; God – His Being and Character; Mankind and his condition; The Lord Jesus Christ; and The Holy Spirit.


The exposition of the entire book of Genesis can be found under the headings: Genesis 1-12: Book of Origins; The Life of Abraham; The Life of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

Genesis 1-12: Book of Origins
This series of messages goes back to the beginning to the first 12 chapters of the Bible found in the book of Genesis – that can rightly be described as the Book of Origins. The titles are as follows: Genesis: the book of origins; The Bible and Science – Parts 1 and 2; Creation, Christ, and Conversion in Genesis 1; What is Man?; Man in the Garden; Marriage; The Fall of Man, The Curse on the Serpent and Satan, and the Gospel; A Message of Judgement, and an Act of Grace; Paradise Lost; The Story of Cain – Am I my brother’s keeper; The Story of Cain Part 2; Lessons from the Genealogies; Enoch walked with God; The story of the Flood; the Faith of Noah; The Flood – universal or local? the Flood; The Aftermath of the Flood; The Biblical Doctrine of Covenants; The Sin of Noah and his son; The Descendants of Noah; Babel and its Tower.

The Life of Abraham
The first seventeen messages in the series on the Life of Abraham are expositions of Genesis chapters 12, 13, 14, 15,16, and 17.  The titles are as follows: The Call of Abraham; Promises, promises; Living among the Canaanites; In Egypt: A False Step; Lot’s Choice; Goods or Glory; Who was Melchizedek?; God speaks to Abraham; Abraham’s Prayer and God’s Promises; Justification by Faith;  A Closer Walk with God; A Covenant with God; Hagar, the Slave Girl; El Shaddai; The Jews: a People, a Land, a Sign; The Church: a People, a Land, a Sign; The Sign: Infant or Believers Baptism?

The final twelve messages in the series are expositions of Genesis chapters 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24.  The titles are as follows: Angels Unaware; Abraham pleads for Sodom; The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; A last look at Lot; Abraham does it again; Isaac, Ishmael and Galatianism; A Testimony, a Treaty, a Tree; The Supreme Test – Part 1; The Supreme Test – Part 2 – God, the Provider; The Death of Sarah; Isaac and Rebekah; The Life of Faith.

The Life of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph
The messages in this series are as follows: The problem of unanswered prayer (Gen 25:12-21); Sovereign Grace (Gen 25:22-28); Esau despised his birthright (Gen 25:29-34); Isaac’s chapter (Gen 26:1-16); The wells of Isaac (Gen 26:17-33); Isaac – his God and his neighbors (Gen 26:17-33); and Esau’s foolish marriages (Gen 26:34-35).
The 16 messages covering the life of Jacob are as follows: The stolen blessing (Gen 27:1-29); Esau: remorse or repentance (Gen 27:30-40); Jacob departs (Gen 27:41-28:9); Jacob at Bethel (Gen 28:10-22); Jacob’s Ladder (Gen 28:12); God speaks to Jacob (Gen 28:13-15); Loneliness and Fear (Gen 28:15); God’s plan for your life (Gen 28:15); Jacob’s response (Gen 28:16-19); Where does God live? (Gen 28:16-22); Ten Principles on Giving (Gen 28:20-22); Jacob arrives at Haran (Gen 29); Jacob at Haran (Gen 30); Jacob leaves Haran (Gen 31); Angels: what they are and what they do (Gen 32:1-2); and Jacob’s plans and Jacob’s prayer (Gen 32:3-24).
The first 10 messages on the life of Joseph are as follows: Joseph dreams (Gen 37:1-24); Joseph is sold into Egypt (Gen 37:25 – 38:6); Joseph and Potiphar’s wife – How to resist temptation (Gen 39); Why does God allow persecution? (Gen 39); The butler and the baker (Gen 40); Joseph, the interpreter: The Messenger (Gen 41:1-16); Joseph the interpreter: The Message – Parts 1 and 2 (Gen 41:14-36); Joseph’s sons (Gen 41:50-52); Joseph’s Exaltation (Gen 41); and Providence (Gen 42).

The second 10 messages on the life of Joseph are as follows: Corn in Egypt (Gen 42:1-9); The brothers meet Joseph (Gen 42:10-25); An unbeliever’s question when things go wrong (Gen 42:28); The brothers tell their troubles (Gen 42:29-38); The brothers prepare to return to Egypt (Gen 43:1-15); The brothers in Egypt – the missing cup (Gen 43:16-44:34); Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers (Gen 45:1-15); The Word and the Wagons (Gen 45:16-28); Jacob prepares to leave (Gen 46:1-7); and Jacob meets Joseph – a wonderful reunion (Gen 46:20-30).

The final 7 messages on the life of Joseph are as follows: Jacob in Egypt – the Christian and Racial Prejudice (Gen46:28 to 47:6); Jacob meets Pharaoh – the Christian and the State (Gen 47:7-12); Joseph’s occupation – the Christian and Work (Gen 47:13-26); Israel must die: lessons about death (Gen 47:29); The Last hours of a Godly man (Gen 48); Jacob died and was buried: burial or cremation? (Gen 49-50:14); and You meant it for evil but God meant it for good (Gen 50:15-26).

The Life of Samuel
This short series consists of nine sermons covering the first 7 chapters of the First Book of Samuel in the Old Testament.  The sermons are entitled: The Dedication of Samuel (chapter 1); God speaks to Samuel (chapters 2-3); Ichabod (chapter 4); Send for the Ark (chapter 4); Dagon falls before the Ark (chapter 5); The Ark is Returned (chapter 6); The Men of Bethshemesh (chapter 6 vs13-21); Reformation in the Church (chapter 7); Ebenezer – Thus far has the Lord helped us (chapter 7).

The Life of David the King
This series consists of 30 sermons covering the Life and Times of David the King taken from the books of First and Second Samuel. The series is divided into two parts.
Part 1 – From Shepherd to King – consists of the first 18 sermons in the series, entitled as follows: Saul is Rejected; David is Anointed; David and Goliath (2 sermons); Jealousy, Friendship and Love; Divided Loyalties; The Cave of Adullam; David spares Saul’s life; David and Abigail; Failure of Faith; The Medium of Endor; Restoration of Faith; David becomes King of Israel and Judah; Jerusalem – City of David; Punishment of Uzzah; The Ark is brought up with joy; David’s Great Idea; David’s Prayer.
Part 2 – David the King: his triumphs and failures; his sin and his repentance – consists of the remaining 12 sermons in the series, entitled as follows: Conquest and Kindness; David’s Sin – adultery and murder; The Marks of true Repentance (Psalm 51); Nathan’s message and its consequences; Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom; Absalom’s Rebellion; Absalom’s Death; David’s return home; David and Gibeon; David Counts Israel; Araunah’s Rock; The Last Days of David.

The Life of Elijah
This series comprises 18 messages as follows: EL 1-5 covering the subjects: The God of Elijah; Elijah by the Brook; The Brook Dried Up (which also features in the book, “When the Road is Rough and Steep“); The Widow of Zarephath; and The Raising of the Widow’s Son. EL 6-10 covers the subjects: Elijah and Obadiah; Elijah and Ahab; Make up your mind; Then the fire of the Lord fell  (a sermon on the subject of revival including a description of the beginning of the revival known as “The Great Awakening” see also the Articles page); and Elijah – a man of prayer.  EL 11-14 are the messages on the subject of Depression that feature in the book, “When the Road is Rough and Steep“.  The subjects are: Elijah’s Depression; The Touch of the Angel; A Fresh encounter with God; and Dealing with Depression. The final four messages, EL 15-18, cover the subjects: The Call of Elisha; Naboth’s Vineyard; The Sad Case of Ahaziah; and Elijah Goes to Heaven. This series is now complete.

The Life of Elisha
This series of messages cover the history of the life of Elisha as recorded in 2 Kings. The subjects of the messages are as follows: EL 19-26Elisha begins his ministry; Three short stories; Now bring me a harpist; Water in the desert; The Work of Faith; The Warfare of Faith; The Widow’s Oil; and The Shunammite Woman.  EL 27-30 – The boy has not Awakened; Death in the Pot; The feeding of the One Hundred; and Go Wash Yourself.  EL 31-38 Only a Servant Girl; Naaman is Grateful; Gehazi; The Axe Head Floats; Open his eyes, Lord; A Day of Good News; Jehoash, the Half-hearted; Elisha’s Burial and Bones. 

NEW TESTAMENT – The Lord Jesus Christ – His Life and Teaching

People who met Jesus
Throughout his earthly ministry the Lord Jesus Christ had personal encounters with many persons from a variety of backgrounds and of both sexes. This series, “People who met Jesus,” looks at some of those individuals whose lives were changed because they met Jesus, including John the Baptist; Simon Peter (3 messages); Blind Bartimaeus; Zaccheus; Levi/Matthew; Simeon; Anna; Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin; Herod; Simon of Cyrene; the Devil; the Roman Centurion; Children; the Widow of Nain and her son; Nathanael; Nicodemus; the Woman of Samaria; Moses and Elijah; and Pilate (2 messages). The latest additions to this series are: John the Baptist; Moses and Elijah.

The Parables of Jesus
Throughout his earthly ministry the Lord Jesus Christ used parables (stories) to illustrate his teaching. This series commences by examining the reasons why Jesus taught in parables, and then continues by looking at each one of the parables in turn. The titles are as follows: Why Jesus taught in parables; The Sower; The Wheat and the Weeds; The Mustard Seed and the Leaven; The Pearl of great price; The Dragnet; The Lost Sheep; The Unforgiving Servant; The Labourers in the Vineyard; The Two Sons; The Wicked Tenants; The Marriage of the King’s Son; The Wise and Foolish Girls; The Talents; The Seed that grows secretly; The Two Debtors; The Good Samaritan; The Friend at Midnight; The Rich Fool; The Waiting Servants and Working Stewards; The Unfruitful Fig Tree; The Places of Honour; The Great Supper; The Lost Coin; The Lost Son; The Older Brother; The Shrewd Manager; The Rich Man and Lazarus; The Persistent Widow; The Pharisee and the Publican (Tax Collector); and The Pounds.

The Teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount;
Happiness – the Jesus Way: a study of Matthew chapter 5, verses 1-16; Introduction (vs1-2); Blessed are the poor in spirit (v3); O how happy are the sad (v4); How to have nothing and yet own the world (v5); The Christian’s greatest longing (v6); Blessed are the merciful (v7); Do you want to see God? (v8); Blessed are … peacemakers (v9); Happiness…when under attack (vs10-12); The Eightfold Path (vs1-10); The salt of the earth (v13); The light of the world (vs14-16).

Jesus’ Teaching on Righteousness, Anger, and Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: a study of Matthew chapter 5 verses 20-32: True Righteousness (v20); Anger and Contempt (vs21-25); The Lustful Look (vs27-30); Jesus and Marriage (vs31-32); Jesus and Divorce (vs31-32); Can a divorced person remarry (vs31-32; 19:3-12); Paul and Divorce (1 Corinthians 7); Divorce and the Word of God (vs31-32 ++).

Jesus’ Teaching on Daily Living: a study of Matthew chapter 5 verses 33-48: Telling the Truth (vs33-37); An Eye for an Eye (vs38-42); Love your Enemies (vs43-47); Be Perfect. Impossible! (v48).

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer: a study of Matthew chapter 6 verses 5-13: When you pray (vs5-8); True prayer (vs5-8); Our Father in Heaven (v9); Hallowed be Your Name (v9); Your Kingdom come (v10); Your will be done on earth (v10); Give us this day our daily bread (v11); Forgive us our debts (v12,14,15); Lead us not into temptation (v13); The Doxology (v13).

Jesus’Teaching on Commitment: a study of Matthew chapter 6 verses 16-34: Fasting (v16-18); Real treasure (19-21); A sound and single mind (22-23); Serving God not mammon (24); Don’t worry (25-34); What should come first? (33); Peace and joy every day (34).

Jesus’ Warnings and Encouragements: a study of Matthew chapter 7: Judge not – be careful of your criticism (1-5); Dogs, pigs, and pearls (6); God does answer prayer (7-11); Ask, seek, knock (7-12); The Golden Rule (12); Two gates and two roads (13-14); False prophets (15-20); False Christians (21-23); Two Foundations (24-29).

Jesus Prays – How Precious – John 17
This series of meditations on the prayer of our Lord Jesus recorded in John 17 was originally preached at Communion services.  The first eight sermons are entitled: Jesus Prays – Introduction (vs 1-6); Jesus prays for Himself (vs 1-6); Jesus prays for us (vs 6-10); Jesus prays for our protection (vs 11-16); Four Marks of a Spiritually Healthy Church (vs 11-19); Your Word is Truth (v17); A Prayer for Unity (vs 20-23); Six Evidences of Salvation (v24); Love in them (25-26); A last look at John 17.


Chapter 1
“A necklace of jewels” is how we would describe the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. This series is a verse by verse exposition of Ephesians 1. The titles are as follows: Living in the Heavenlies (vs1-3); Chosen in Christ (v4); Adopted in Christ (vs5-6); Redeemed in Christ (v7); Enlightened in Christ (vs8-12); Who Rules the Universe? (v11) – this sermon contains a description of Luther and the Reformation; The Gift of the Holy Spirit (vs13-14); Paul’s Prayer – Knowing God (vs15-17); The Hope of His Calling (v18); and His Glorious Inheritance (v18); Crown Him Lord of all (vs19-23); and The Church which is His Body – Parts 1 and 2 (vs 22-23).
Chapter 2
The messages in this chapter are as follows: As for you – you were dead (v1); Bound in chains (vs2-3); The Wrath of God (v3); But God… (v4); New Life in Christ (vs5-6); The Ultimate Reason for our Salvation (v7); Saved by Grace Alone (vs8-10); His Workmanship (v10); Jew and Gentile (vs11-12); But now…(vs13-17); Peace with God – and with each other (v18); God’s Family (v19);  and God’s Temple (vs20-22).
Chapter 3
God’s message received and transmitted (3:1-13); Paul’s Prayer (vs14-19); A Doxology (vs20-21).
Chapter 4
Put your doctrine into practice (4:1-2); Unity in the Church – Total (vs3-6; Unity in the Church – Local (vs3-6); Diversity of Gifts (vs7-13); Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers (v11); Everyone has a ministry (Spiritual Gifts) (v12); Growing closer and Growing up (vs1-16); Speaking the Truth in Love – Parts 1 and 2 (v15); Be renewed in the spirit of your mind (vs17-24); New Lifestyle (vs25-29); Grieving the Holy Spirit – Parts 1 and 2 (v30); Get rid of all bitterness…and be kind (4:31-5:2).
Chapter 5
Walk in the Light (vs8-13); Wake up and Rise up (v14); The Wise Christian (vs15-17); Be Filled with the Spirit – Part 1 (v18); Be Filled with the Spirit – Part 2 (v18); Singing in the Church (v19); Always be Thankful (v20) and Mutual Submission (v21).
Chapter 6
The Christian’s Warfare (vs10-17); The Devil and all his angels (10-13); The Wiles of the Devil – against the Believer(11); The Wiles of the Devil – against the Church (11); God’s Provision for Victory (10-18); The Belt of Truth (14); The Breastplate of Righteousness (14); Continuing…

1 Thessalonians
Chapter 1 titles are as follows: Greetings (vs1-2); A Triad of Graces (vs2-3); Chosen by Grace (v4); Not in word only…(vs5-8); Turning to God from idols (vs8-10); Waiting for Jesus (v10).
Chapter 2 titles are: Entrusted with the Gospel (vs1-10); Caring for Converts (vs10-12); Thank God for the Gospel (v13); Satan stopped us (vs17-18); Victory in Jesus (end of chapter 2 & into chapter 3).
Chapter 3 titles are: Victory in Jesus (2 v17 – 3 v5); Spiritual Warfare (Eph 6 vs10-18); Encouraged about You (vs7-9); Paul’s prayer (vs10-13).
Chapter 4 titles are: Sanctification (vs1-3); Love, Quietness, and Hard Work (vs9-12); The Coming of the Lord (vs13-17); The Comfort of His Coming (v18).
Chapter 5 titles are:  Stay Awake (vs1-4); Faith, Love, Hope (vs8-11); Body Life (vs12-15); Salvation Assured (vs 9-10); Be Joyful Always (v16); Pray Continually (v17); An Attitude of Gratitude (v18); Don’t put out the Spirit’s Fire (v19); Despise not Prophesyings (v20); Test Everything (v21); Avoid every kind of evil (v22); Holy through and through (v23); He is faithful: He will do it (v24); Final Instructions (vs25-27); Grace (v28).

2 Thessalonians
Chapter 1 titles are: A Church to be proud of (vs1-4); The Christian and suffering (vs5-7); The Second Coming of Christ (vs7-10); Paul’s Prayer (v11); The Purpose of Paul’s Prayer (v12).
Chapter 2 titles are: The Man of Sin – Part 1 (vs1-12); The Man of Sin – Part 2 (vs 1-12); Salvation – its Source, Means, End (vs13-14); Defend the Faith (v15) – the series is continuing.

 The First Epistle of Peter – chapters 1 and 2
This series comprises of verse by verse expositions of chapters 1 and 2 of the First Epistle of Peter. The fifteen messages in chapter 1 include the titles: Greetings (v.1); Chosen of God (v.2); A Living Hope (v.3); An Inheritance in Heaven (vs.4-5); All kinds of trials (v.6); Why God allows trials (v.7); Glorious Joy (vs.8-9); Prophets and Privileges (vs.10-12); Think (vs.10-12); Take Time to be Holy (vs.14-16); Reverent Fear (v.17); Redemption (vs.18-21); Love One Another Deeply (v.22) and, The Enduring Word of God (vs.22-25).

The nine messages in chapter 2 include the titles: How’s your appetite? (vs.1-3); Tasting that the Lord is good (v.4); A Spiritual House (v.5); Jesus, the Living Stone (vs.4-8); The People of God (vs.9-10); Warfare and Witness (vs.11-12); the Christian and the State (vs/13-17); the Christian and his Boss (vs.18-25); and Jesus Christ – our sin-bearer (vs.21-25).

The First Epistle of Peter – chapters 3, 4 and 5
The verse by verse expositions in the First Epistle of Peter continue moving on to chapters 3 & 4. The sermons in chapter 3 cover the subjects: Submission and the Christian Wife (vs.1-6); A Beautiful Wife – a Gentle Spirit (vs.1-6); the Christian Husband (v.7); Unity and Love in the Church (v.8); How to love life and see good days (vs.9-15); Prepared to give an Answer (v.15); Christ Died for me (v.18); Spirits in Prison (vs.18-22); Does Baptism save you (vs.20-21); The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (v.21); and …Gone into Heaven (v.22).

The list of expositions for chapter 4 is as follows: Living for God (vs.1-3); Dying for a Drink (vs.1-6); Please don’t go to Hell (vs.5-6); The End of all things is Near – or is it? (v.7 – two sermons); The End of all things is near, therefore… (vs.7-9); Use your gifts (v.10); Speaking and Serving (v.11); Good News for Bad Times (vs.12-19 – two sermons); A Faithful Creator (v.19).

The list of expositions for chapter 5 is as follows: Instruction for Elders (vs.1-4); Instruction for the Young (v.5); Casting your anxiety upon God (vs.6-7); A roaring lion (vs.8-9); Four great Phrases (v.10); Suffering – for a while – but God reigns (vs.10-11); and Final Greetings (vs.12-14).


When the Road is Rough and Steep
Listen to the messages that form the basis of Dr. Kilbride’s book, “When the Road is Rough and Steep”. The series consists of six messages covering the topics: Hardship, Depression, Doubt, Anguish, and Cost. Click on the above link to access the sermons.

Short Series
The sermons found on the “Short Series” page consist of messages which formed a shorter series of messages, some on shorter passages of scripture, and others on more general subjects.

REVIVAL – POWER FROM ON HIGH as follows: What is Revival – Characteristics?; What is Revival? Part 2; The Biblical Basis for Revival; Prophets and Privileges; Revival and Prayer; What are the marks of Revival?; The Great Awakening, Part 1; The Great Awakening, Part 2; Whitefield in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Georgia; Whitefield in New England and Wesley; and Results of the Great Awakening.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE as follows: The Christian’s Warfare; The Devil and all his angels; The Wiles of the Devil against the Believer; The Wiles of the Devil against the Church; God’s provision for Victory; The Belt of Truth; The Breastplate of Righteousness ….continuing

WHAT’S IN A NAME as follows: Disciples; Saints; Soldiers; Sons and Daughters; Stewards.

STEWARDSHIP as follows: What is Stewardship – an overview; Jesus’ teaching on Money and Possessions; What is tithing?; Stewardship of Time and Talents; Giving as God has Given.

SALVATION as follows: The Source of Salvation – The Lord opened…; The Ground of Salvation – Jesus Christ Crucified; The Means of Salvation – Faith; The Evidence of Salvation – Assurance; The Reason for Salvation – The Glory of God; The Joy of Salvation – Names written in Heaven.

PSALM 1 as follows: The Ungodly Man; The Godly Man; Like a tree planted…; True Prosperity and the End of the Ungodly.

PSALM 23 as follows: The Lord is my Shepherd; Green pastures, still waters, and right paths; He restoreth my soul; Dark valleys; The Lord, a Bountiful host; and Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow.

CRIES FROM THE CROSS as follows: Father, forgive them…; Today with me in Paradise; Jesus’ word to His mother; My God, why…?; I thirst; It is Finished; and Father, into Thy hands.

Special Occasions
The sermons found in “Special Occasions” are sermons which were preached as individual stand-alone sermons, not as part of a series. The messages are grouped as follows:

Seven messages from the Acts of the Apostles : Ye shall be witnesses (ch1 v8); The Marks of a True Church (ch2 vs41-47); The Fullness of the Spirit (ch4 vs23-31); Philip and the Ethiopian (ch8 vs26-40); Peter’s miraculous escape from prison (ch12); Lydia – the Lord opened her heart (ch16 vs11-15); The conversion of the Philippian jailer (ch16 vs16-34).

Messages on General subjects – many of which are evangelistic in nature: The greatest verse in the Bible (John 3:16); David is Anointed (1 Samuel 16:1-16); Three Essential Truths; Bringing Children to Jesus; The Hands of Christ; The Way, the Truth, the Life (John 14:6); The Alpha and the Omega; Be of good cheer – Three cheers; Working for the Lord Jesus while there is time.

The Bible, Leadership and the Ministry of Women
This series was the result of an in depth study of some of the issues confronting churches today, undertaken as a minor part of my Doctor of Ministry degree. The titles are as follows: Introduction; Back to the beginning; The Fall; The Old Testament; Our Lord Jesus Christ; The Early Church; the Apostle Paul (2 messages); Concluding Principles; Final conclusions.

One Book at a Time
As the title suggests this series comprises an overview of each of the books of the Bible mentioned, listed, as follows, in the order in which they appear in the series: Introduction – The Bible; Genesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy; Joshua; Judges; Ruth; Mark’s Gospel; Luke’s Gospel; Acts; Galatians; 1 Thessalonians; 2 Thessalonians; Romans; 1 Corinthians; 2 Corinthians; Job; Proverbs; Psalms; Ecclesiastes; 1 Samuel; 2 Samuel; 1 Kings; 2 Kings; 1 Chronicles; 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Matthew’s Gospel, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, James.

What We Believe About…

This series of talks were originally given at the mid-week Church Night. They are shorter in length, each being 25-30 minutes duration. They deal with the central and basic beliefs on which our faith rests, and there is a group of studies for each subject. All we know about God, Mankind, The Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit we learn from the Bible.

With that in mind, the first group of studies examines our belief in the Authority and Infallibility of the Bible as the revealed Word of God. The subjects are: The Bible – Introduction; The Testimonies of Reason and the Bible Itself; The Testimony of the Spade; The Testimony of Prophecy; The Testimony of the Lord Jesus Himself; The Testimony of History; The Testimony of the Heart; The Authority and Sufficiency of the Scriptures.
The second group of studies center on God: His Being and Character. The subjects are: God – His Being; The Triune God – The Trinity; The Triune God – His Character; The Triune God – Some Difficulties Considered; God is HOLY; God is RIGHTEOUS, GOOD and FAITHFUL; God is SOVEREIGN; God is LOVE
The third group of studies center on Mankind. The subjects are: The Nature and Character of Man; The Fall of Man; The Consequences of the Fall – Parts 1 & 2; What is Sin? Sin – Its Extent and Effect.
The fourth group of studies center on The Lord Jesus Christ. The subjects are: The Lord Jesus Christ – is a Man; The Lord Jesus Christ – is God: What He said; The Lord Jesus Christ is God: the Virgin Birth; The Lord Jesus Christ is God: What He Did; The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Parts 1-3 – looking at the evidence for the Resurrection; The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part 4 – Its Significance; The Crucifixion Parts 1 & 2; The Ascension and its Significance; What is the Lord Jesus doing now?

This series is continuing…

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