The articles that appear on this page are part of an ongoing series on the subject of Revival under the subtitle, “Power from on High”. They originally formed the major part of Harry’s dissertation for his Doctor of Ministry degree.

What is Revival?

This first chapter in the series on Revival “Power from on High” examines what is meant by the term “Revival” and what are the characteristics of any true revival.

Prophets and Promises

This chapter is asking, “What does God say in His Word, the Bible, on the subject of Revival?”
It contains a consideration of the book of Acts. Is it merely a precious account of the infant church? Or is it meant to be a picture of what every church should be when God is present in Power?  A challenging and controversial subject

The Great Awakening

This chapter is an overview of what is called “The First Great Awakening“. These events took place during the eighteenth century and featured such preachers as George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, and the brothers John and Charles Wesley.

Frontier Frenzy and Silent Tears

This chapter is an overview of “The Second Great Awakening”. The events described took place in the latter years of the eighteenth century into the nineteenth century and predominantly affected North America in the years following Independence. Some of the names associated with this Awakening are: Isaac Baccus, James McGready, Francis Asbury and Timothy Dwight.

Charles Grandison Finney

This chapter is an overview of the life and ministry of the American revivalist Charles Grandison Finney whose ministry encompassed the first half of the nineteenth century. It contains a short biography with quotations from Finney’s own writings, including a description of his conversion. Some of Finney’s teachings and methods were controversial, not only during his lifetime but also in their long term effects right up to the present day. These are considered in the context of revival and evangelism.